Commodore 64 Longplay [0050] Lightforce (EU)

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Published on Feb 10, 2020 at 04:02 pm


Played by: MadMatty

Lightforce, developed and published by FTL - Faster than Light in 1987

“Lightforce is for Vengeance … Lightforce is the Punishment Arm of Galactic Fighter Command. When a terran-settled system at the edge of the galaxy is seized by an alien force, revenge comes in the form of a lone Lightforce fighter. Lightforce confronts alien in a dazzling battle above the strange landscapes of the Ice-Planet, the Jungle Planet, Alien factories and the impassable Asteroid Belt.”

This budget game had a really nice case artwork and the screenshots on the back looked good for the time so it was an easy buy. After getting home and loading up the music starts and are instantly captivated. One of the best tunes on the C64 by Rob Hubbard and after a while you just leave the game with the music continuously playing. The gameplay is ok, but nothing special so this ends up being another game just fired up for the music. Some of the enemies can be real nasty coming up from behind flying up the screen and then kind of homing in on your position.

That’s not to say its a bad game. It's just not one I think you would choose if you decided you really wanted to play a shoot ‘em up that day. However it does feature large graphics and the ability to shoot building and there is some crazy enemy patterns to dodge. In space you have a slightly animated background. On level 3 you can pick up extra lives and on level 4 Shields. However they are not really shields but smart bombs! In the longplay I play through all 4 levels and then the game loops as it is endless. No huge boss battle awaits. The music plays through twice and then I switch to Sound Effects to show those while throwing away remaining lives and hitting the suicide button to end.

Gameplay starts right off the bat.

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