Succeeding by Cooperating in the Entertainment Industry

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Published on Oct 09, 2019 at 01:10 pm

In an industry disrupted by new technologies and M&As, cooperation is often the name of the game, says Andrea Zappia, Chief Executive Continental Europe at Sky, in the latest video of the Executive Chats series, in which Bocconi Rector Gianmario Verona meets top executives on the frontline in facing the challenges of the digital century.
Traditional TV operators in Italy and Europe, in the last two decades, have seen the rise, first, of pay-TV and, then, of video-on-demand, «In such an environment, consumers have more choice and more power than in the past», says Mr. Zappia, «and competition is about content, customer experience, and integration of different services».
In particular, with a few very big players emerging from a period of M&A spree, co-productions, integration and technology-sharing have become a need and cooperation is often the name of the game.
The regulators, Mr. Zappia argues, are not to be envied, since keeping up with the pace of innovation is becoming difficult. «What we ask for is a common and level playing field». Traditional broadcasters shouldn’t bear a heavier burden of regulation than the players of the digital world».
«Learn the skills, practice the attitude» is Mr. Zappia’s leadership advice to the young. «The important things are a drive for excellence, the ability to connect the dots, and passion. You should always start with the end in mind, share your view with people around you, and never lose track».

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