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Published on Dec 09, 2019 at 05:12 am

The Atheist Experience episode 23.51 for December 8, 2019, with Matt Dillahunty and Jenna Belk. Happy Without God. Jenna describes her state since coming out as an atheist.

00:14:45 Ray - MI - Struggling with family, longing for acceptance for her son
00:29:35 Charlotte - CA - Questioning their faith, is wondering if it’s difficult to not believe.
00:56:00 Danny - London, UK - Is persecution justified?, Persecution prophecies in the bible
01:15:55 Joseph - NY - Turning to God after a traumatic encounter at the gym.

Hi everyone! In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, we have the dynamic duo as host and co-host today, Matt Dillahunty and Jenna Belk. Before we get to calls, Jenna has a couple things she’d like to talk about from previous calls in previous episodes.
Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Rae from Michigan. She is struggling with family and longs for acceptance for her son. Her son is also living with Asperger’s and she is trying her best to shield him from fundamental ideologies.
Next up, Charlotte from California would like to know if it is difficult to not believe. She is also slightly fearful of accepting the ‘Atheist’ label and the consequences of doing so. Listen in to hear Jenna and Matt help her out.
The following returning caller named Danny from London, UK is concerned about being mocked and persecuted for their beliefs. Some discussion about a variety of topics occurred, including prophecies and proof of God. Sorry Danny, your word salad isn’t very palpable and is quite bitter. We’re moving on.
It’s story time! Our last caller of the live show is Joseph from New York. He has a story! He begins to tell a convoluted tale about going to the gym with his brother at the age of 22, a strange character who may have assaulted him, and then going swimming… Jenna and Matt get to the lesson/morale of this story and recommend a few resources.

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