A Promise

A Promise
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Published on Dec 03, 2019 at 04:12 pm

In the lead up to World War I, fresh-faced graduate Friedrich Zeitz (Richard Madden) becomes the right hand man of the powerful, but aging, mining tycoon Karl Hoffmeister (Alan Rickman). As Hoffmeister’s health begins to fail, Zeitz is brought to his vast country manor to maintain the business alongside him. Zeitz falls hopelessly for Hoffmeister’s stunning young wife Charlotte (Rebecca Hall) knowing that his infatuation can never be realised. But just as they open their hearts to allow a chance of love to blossom between them, Zeitz is sent to South America on business. When the Great War erupts, Zeitz is stuck half a world away with no chance to return. Eight years later, with millions dead and Europe in ruins, the exile returns to his homeland and to the hopes she has been waiting for him. But has their love survived the brutal passage of time?

Sitting Alone ?

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