The Most Successful Controversial Movies Of All Time

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Published on Jan 14, 2020 at 08:01 pm

Although a hefty dose of controversy can cause some movies to bomb at the box office, plenty of others have made some serious bank despite ticking a load of people off — and some made it big because they annoyed people. So what are these movies, how much money did they make, and just how did they cause so much controversy? Here are the most successful controversial movies of all time.

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard may just be the two nicest guys in Hollywood — but the two still somehow courted serious controversy when they became attached to the screen adaptation of one of the most contentious, and successful, novels of modern times: The Da Vinci Code.

While the scholarship behind The Da Vinci Code has largely been dismissed by experts, its central claims — that Jesus Christ was secretly married to Mary Magdalene — helped make the novel an international bestseller. The controversy surrounding the 2006 movie was largely the same for the 2003 novel, with people claiming it was both historically inaccurate and anti-Catholic. Critics panned it when it was released, too, giving it a measly 25 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. And moviegoers weren't too impressed either, giving it a mediocre 57 percent audience score. Nevertheless, the film's popular source material was enough to score a $77 million opening weekend, and by the time it was out of theaters, it had earned a $217 million domestic haul, as well as an astounding $758 million worldwide gross. Keep watching the video to learn more of the most successful controversial movies of all time.

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The Da Vinci Code | 0:21
The Passion of the Christ | 1:23
Noah | 2:30
The Wolf of Wall Street | 3:41
Basic Instinct | 4:49
Ghostbusters | 5:48
Angels & Demons | 7:17
True Lies | 8:23
Django Unchained | 9:32
Joker | 10:43

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