Commodore 64 Longplay [0049] Commando Arcade SE (EU)

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Published on Feb 10, 2020 at 04:02 am


Played by: MadMatty

Commando Arcade Special Edition released by Nostalgia in 2015 for the Commodore 64. A Remake/Fix/Enhancement of Commando released by Elite in 1986.

“As the crack shot Commando, battle overwhelming odds to defeat advancing rebel forces! Carry out your lone crusade through hostile enemy territory with only a machine gun and hand-grenades. Enemy fire flies past you from all directions; rebel forces appear from caves, trenches and strongholds to bar your progress! Break through the enemy lines to reach the fortress, collecting supplies from defeated outposts. There can be no retreat - the fate of the free world is in your hands!”

This version adds the following over the original releases:-
* Completely new graphics everywhere
* 5 new levels added. Game now has a total of 8 levels like arcade
* New Barracks, Hangar, Chopper, Level transition, etc. graphics
* New Level features
* New glitch-free Sprite multiplexer
* New Scroller
* Chopper that drops you onto the battlefield and picks you up
* Level Transition screen animations
* Score, Lives and Bomb counter fixes
* Code bug fixes - no more crashes
* High Scores in attract mode
* Game Over sequence added
* Two new Sound modes with new SFX and new tunes by 6R6
* Loading screen (by STE'86) and Loading tune (by 6R6) added
* Pause added with Quit option
* Easyflash version with High Score saver to flash and backup to disk
* Universal File version that should work on any device
* IFFL version with REU support
* PAL and NTSC supported

Once the game is completed I let the original Rob Hubbard soundtrack play out in full without interruptions. I should have probably done this in the original video. On the whole it shows how good the C64 conversion could have been if Elite had allowed the developer to spend more than 5 minutes on it.

00:00:00 Loading Screen Music
00:05:00 Gameplay starts here (New Music/SFX)
00:17:00 Game over / Highscore Music
00:17:43 Original Rob Hubbard Soundtrack in full.

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